Become a Volunteer

The wide range of volunteer opportunities we offer means that there really is something for everyone! If you love being outside, you could accompany someone with dementia round one of our beautiful golf courses. If you’re a keen gardener, you could muck in at one of gardening allotment groups. If you want to keep fit whilst exploring new parts of the city, you could lead one of our health walks.

Active Communities supports over 10,000 people every year to improve their heath and wellbeing through physical activity. We support the people who face the greatest barriers to being active including those affected by health conditions, disabilities, inequalities and poverty - empowering them to get active, stay active and improve their health and wellbeing.

Here at Edinburgh Leisure, our wonderful volunteers play a vital role in supporting people in our Active Communities programme. On average Active Communities volunteers total a staggering 12,000 hours of their time to help people and communities we support through the programme every year. They make an enormous difference to people’s lives and, quite simply, many of our projects couldn’t exist without them.

Edinburgh Leisure uses the power of physical activity to help those in need improve their health and wellbeing and we couldn’t do this without the support of volunteers. Volunteers are at the heart of many of the initiatives and services that we deliver and add great value to our programmes and events.

It’s our ambition that everyone who volunteers with us feels welcomed, valued, understood and proud to be part of Edinburgh Leisure. Whether its hours, days or months the time you give really does matter.

Movement For Memories

Volunteer to support people living with dementia in being active. Movement For Memories is supported with funding from the Life Changes Trust. The Trust is funded by the Big Lottery.

Get Active

Volunteers can help support in a range of activities which are ideal for those who feel it has been a long time since they were last active and are looking for a gentle start to help improve their health.

Fit For Health

Volunteers are able to support people with long term health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, heart failure and/or diabetes, helping them to manage their symptoms and live better through physical activity. 

Steady Steps

Volunteers are sought over a longer term basis to assist the specialist instructor at the classes and are required to volunteer a minimum of two hours each week.

Ageing Well

After initial training, volunteers use physical activity to improve health and tackle social isolation in older adults across Edinburgh. There are a range of activities to suit every interest.