Welcome to our incredible, purpose built gymnastics facility. We have classes for all levels of ability from 18 months to 17 years. At Tumbles your child can move through the full gymnastic pathway as their skills develop.  

Please read our Booking Terms & Conditions before booking.

And we have an exciting soft play with distinct zones for babies, toddlers and juniors with a lovely cafe to enjoy.

This new 30-minute Adult and Child Gymnastics class is suitable for children who are confidently walking to 18 months. 

In our safe environment, it encourages the development of your toddler’s fundamental gross motor skills such as balance, rolling, sitting, crawling and walking using a variety of music, songs and rhyme These classes are also perfect for socialising with other babies and adults in a friendly and inclusive environment.

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You can see what what classes are running where, check availability and even request a space - all online in 3 simple steps:

  1. Our sports classes cover everything from pre-school tinies through to club standard coaching. See which class would be right for you or your child using the 'our classes' button below.
  2. Find out where and when your class is on and whether it has spaces using the 'Class timetable' button below. 
  3. You can then check space availability (updated every 4 hours) and complete a simple online 'Booking Request Form' to request a space.

Once we receive your form we'll do a check and get back to you to confirm whether we have a space held for you and what the next steps regarding payment are. Please be aware that your space is guaranteed only when we confirm we have received your Direct Debit instructions.